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Assurance Solutions

Assurance Solutions

Assurance is simply providing confidence that requirements are and will be fulfilled. 

We provide two main assurance solutions, known as “internal” and “external” assurance. 

Internal Assurance

You established your systems, processes, procedures. You expect your team to implement it. You did all of this for a reason, to ultimately achieve your strategic business direction. Now you need high quality internal assurance programs to:

  • Monitor how the system is being used
  • Understand if the system works
  • Provide you with the right information to make informed decisions; and,
  • Guide you to continually improve 

External Assurance

Some organisations rely on a complex supply chain made up of sub-contractors and suppliers to deliver their own goods and services. 

Not only is it a requirement of your certification to monitor your external providers, it may be a requirement of your client contract, and in some cases, may be a legislative requirement. These reasons aside, it’s also just good business practice to have confidence that other organisations are doing exactly what you expect them to do. 

But in reality, most organisations simply don’t have the time, resources or expertise to do this effectively. That’s where we come in. 

We will help you to figure out who needs monitoring, how often, what the scope needs to be and set a schedule. We will carry out the assurance activities and provide you with the results of the independent and impartial external audit. We will raise non-conformities on your behalf and issue to your supply chain for resolution. Your external provider will then submit to you evidence that they have resolved any issues identified. 


Most Popular Services

Compliance Gap Analysis
Compliance Gaps Analysis

If you are interested in seeking management system certification, due for a certification maintenance assessment, or simply do not know where you might be exposed to risks, we can assess your existing systems for you. 

We complete a comprehensive assessment on your systems. You are provided with detailed information on any gaps identified and recommendations to close the gaps and mitigate the risks. 

Facilitated Risk Recovery

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. Accidents happen, the supply chain breaks down, customers are complaining or perhaps you have received a fine or a penalty infringement notice.

It’s crucial to your recovery to take swift and effective action. We offer services to come into your business, and help you identify the true root cause, make corrections and stop it from happening again.  

Assurance Programs
Assurance Programs

Don’t have time to complete your internal and external audits? Has “auditing” always been an add-on to a manager position? Say good-bye to the token audit and say hello to audits that add real value. 

Our assurance programs are specific to your individual needs. We can complete internal audits of your own process effectiveness. We complete audits of your entire supply chain to provide you with real insight into their performance.  

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Effective Management Systems

We help customers to always strive for better practice. Sure, you have a certified management system…but is it EFFECTIVE?

Most of our customers fall into three groups.

  1. They need a management system established from scratch to gain certification
  2. They spent heaps of money getting certified but things are still going wrong (accidents, waste, injuries, penalties, defective goods and unhappy customers); or,
  3. They spent heaps of money getting certified, but are now in danger of losing their certification.

If Group 1 sounds like you, we will work with you to establish an effective management system that will not only get you that certification, but will actually support your strategic direction. 

If Groups 2 or 3 sounds like you, we can turn your headaches into solutions. It’s likely you have some dead weight in your management system that is either unused, impractical, or not specific to your individual business context.

We are the experts at improvement. We will complete an assessment on your current systems and produce an evaluation on your system effectiveness. Then, we will support you through the continual improvement process. There is no challenge we haven’t seen and successfully overcome before.  

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