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We help civil construction contractors delivering roads & bridges projects using the Assured Project Success Program.

It’s a whole new way for roads and bridges project contractors to achieve profitable projects, delivered on time and win more tenders by overcoming common challenges such as overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed project teams that often stop them from achieving in-control project delivery with confidence and inspiration.

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The IMAS process

Regardless of the solution you need, our process remains simple

Assess: Understand the current context of your business, the problem(s) to be resolved, and identify strategic goals to be achieved

Design: Propose a solution customised for your specific needs

Develop: Get to work creating the solution

Test: A brief period of making sure your customised solution is understood and makes sense for your business. It’s important to get it right.

Deploy: Release your solution into your wider business, supporting you in its implementation

Review: Measure and adjust the solution based on the information and feedback received

 Launch: We hand over your fully customised solution, but you can always contact us again for ongoing support and maintenance.


IMAS Process


Construction Project Tenders – Getting Started

Construction Project Tenders – Getting Started

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What is an effective Assurance Programme?

What is an effective Assurance Programme?

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Emergency Response Planning: 5 tips for success

Emergency Response Planning: 5 tips for success

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